Key Points For Associations During These Unprecedented Covid-19 Times

Key Points:

  • Association Expenses Are Usually Fixed, Due To Fund Based Accounting And Budgeting
  • Assessments Are The Majority Of The Revenue Stream To Fund All Operating Expenses
  • Due To Delinquencies, Your Funds Could Be Dramatically Depleted
  • Directors’ Duties Are To The Association As A Whole, Not To An Individual(s) Needs
  • Where Is The Money To Come From If Not From Assessments
  • Special Assessment Is A “Dirty Word” in Association Vocabulary
  • As difficult As It Is To Pay Monthly Maintenance, It Is Exponentially More Difficult To Pay Deferred Monthly Payments In The Future


  • Accept Non Traditional Payment Plans
  • Cancel Or Decrease Discretionary Services
  • Cancel Or Delay Non Urgent Repairs
  • When Vendor contracts Are Coming Due, Either Reduce Services Or Renegotiate Pricing. 
  • Review Your Monthly Financial Statement Package
  • The “Infamous” Special Assessment for Budget Short Fall

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This short article was provided by CARG member Mark Buchalter, President of Accountsult, LLC. Mark can be reached at 954-739-0310.

Why Call Your Accountant Before the Hurricane?

Smart Associations plan for potential tribulations, such as Hurricanes; they contact their Management Company, Insurance Broker, Landscaper, etc.  Even smarter Associations contact their Accountant, and very smart Associations have Accountants that contact them, to assure the Board of Directors that proper procedures are setup to safeguard the Association’s financial records.

addition to safeguarding the financial records, have emergency checks to pay the
various Contractors that will be needed immediately for crucial services to
mitigate the damages caused by Mother Nature.

we all know, Contractors will first service those that can timely pay for
services and supplies.  If a horrific
hurricane hits our area, as it did in 2005, electric might be curtailed, offices
could be closed, how will you pay for necessary services?   At Accountsult, we take the time to prepare emergency
blank checks for our Association Clients.

is vital to have sophisticated state of the art computer backup files, software
and hardware that will insure immediate access if the Accountant’s office is
temporarily inaccessible.  Our office has
such systems and is paperless, which means that all documents are filed
electronically and copies can always be reproduced immediately from any

Another service we provide to our Clients is the procurement of contingent credit lines, specifically setup for unexpected casualties such as hurricanes. Without an available line of credit or adequate funds to meet substantial expenditures, the only option is to emergency special assess every Unit Owner immediately. Plan ahead, anticipate the worst, hope for the best and call your Accountant.

Mark Buchalter; Accountsult, LLC
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